Fun Facts About 10 Animals

Fun Facts About 10 Animals

No wonder animals are such an interesting topic to discuss about. We can never completely know about them. So, here we will know some astonishing fun facts about animals that you might haven’t heard before. Let’s make it more challenging and fun. each facts worth 5 points, if you knew a fun fact about animal before then you’ll earn 5 points. Let me know in the comments below how much you actually scored.

fun facts about animals

10. DOGS

Dogs are one of the most adorable animals and pretty loyal as well , ever thought what do they have as thier signature? since they’re not familliar with pens neither they have fingerprints. So, they have noseprints instead.


We’re still not over about Dogs. There’s something else that might suprise you. We all have seen dogs drinking water but ever noticed that they bend their tongue backwards? if you knew any of these two fun fact about animals then add 5 points in your list


A Mice and Rat kinda similar aren’t they? how many differences can we possibly find between them? Well, I’m sure its’s more than between Humans and Chimps. A comparision of Clint’s Genetic blueprints shows that our closest living relatives share 99 percent of our DNA. If you already knew this, Congratulations, you’re quite smart, add 5 more points.


Elephants , the mammals of the family Elephantidae and the largest existing land animals weighing upto 5,00-14,00 lbs.They can live upto 70 years and can be 4 meters tall. Such an interesting creature. Let’s begin with the fact now, elephants are the only animal that can’t jump. 5 poitns if you knew this



Kangaroos , everyone knows about them and how they hop. They run about 20-25 km/h and go upto 70 km/h for short period. But did you know that they flex their biceps to impress the females? well, male humans aren’t the only ones. just kidding ,. Kangaroos can’t fart. count 5 more points if you know this .

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05. Sloth

What do we think when we hear sloth ,being lazy? Well we’re right about them ,they are the natures slowest animal. Sloths spend their everday like our sundays, yeah barely getting out of bed. They travel not more than 125 feet (38 meters) in a single day.They even take weeks to digest their food. They might be the slowest on land but they are three times faster in water than land . Yes, sloths are very good swimmers they can stay underwater for 40 minutes. They can reach upto 13.5 meters per minute underwater. 5 more points if you knew.

fun fact about slot

04. Rats

Rats, one of the most hated or at least not loved creature, Their teeth never stop growing. They can tread underwater for three days straight. 5 more point goes to your list.

fun fact about animal

03. COWS

Cows are always “vegetarian fed”. Cows can almost see 360 degrees. Cows are so social they don’t like to be alone because they’re emotional. They have great sense of smell can sense odour from 4 miles away. 5 points again if you knew this fact.


Snails, the marathon sleeper can sleep for 3 years, and live upto 25 years. They travel around 200 meters a day. 5 more points for the genius.


An Eagle generally lives up to 35 to 40 years. In its late 30’s, it’s long and flexible talons (claws) can no longer grab prey, which serves as food. It’s long and sharp beak becomes bent. It’s old aged and heavy wings, due to their thick feathers get stuck to its chest and makes it difficult to fly.

Determined to live, the Eagle undergoes molting, and to be safe from predators, they choose a secure valley to start this process.

There the Eagle knocks its beak against a mountain top until it plucks it out and After plucking it out the Eagle waits for a new beak to grow back. It then plucks out its talons and When it’s new talons grow back, the Eagle starts plucking out its old-aged feathers and waits for new and strong feathers to grow. 5 more points if you knew this

thats it for toay’s fun fact about animals .Thanks for reading. Comment your score out of 50 below in the comment section.

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